All about the TV show Sisters!

Sisters TV Show

The men in your life may leave you,
Children grow up, parents pass away.
The only ones who are there for you,
From cradle to grave,
Are your sisters.

Sisters was a TV show based on 4 sisters. It aired on the NBC network between 1991-1996, and was based in Winnetka, Illinois. As the first primetime TV show to focus on the lives and struggles of women, it was considered somewhat revolutionary for it’s time.

The 4 sisters in the show were Alexandra (Alex), Theodora (Teddy), Georgiana (Georgie), and Francesca (Frankie). The show started shortly after the death of their father – Thomas who was a doctor and was hardly present in their lives due to long working hours and affairs. Their mother Beatrice struggled with depression and alcoholism as she was unable to cope with the disregard and infidelity of her husband.

The show charted how the sisters dealt with love, family, breakups, tragedy, and loyalty with plots including marriages, divorces, surrogacy, infidelity, rape, alcoholism, and cancer.

George Clooney had a role in the show while he was still unknown, and there were also appearances from Paul Rudd, Ashley Judd, and Kirsten Dunst, all before they became household names.

The show was nominated for 8 Emmy Awards, with Sela Ward (Teddy) winning 1 award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1994.