Sisters Teddy

Teddy (Theodora Reed) was played by Sela Ann Ward. She was the 2nd of the 4 sisters and was portrayed as the rebellious and free-spirited one, as well as being a recovering alcoholic. The show opens with her recently moving from California back to Winnetka, Illinois, only to discover that her ex-husband Mitch was now in a relationship with her younger sister Frankie. She still pursues him though, and they end up spending a night together. He gets engaged to Frankie soon after, and Teddy shows up at their wedding with a shotgun, bringing an end to the ceremony! Mitch and Frankie later break off their relationship.

Teddy becomes pregnant with Mitch’s baby in season 2, although she tells the family that it was from a one-night stand leaving both Mitch and Frankie unaware. Mitch later discovers that it is in fact his baby, but Teddy later has a miscarriage.

Teddy begins a fashion design career in season 2 which takes off and she becomes successful. In season 3 though, an investor in the company sells his share to a new owner without Teddy’s permission, and she later walks away from the company after disagreements with the new owner.

In season 4, Teddy begins dating police officer James Falconer, played by George Clooney, after they meet at an alcoholics anonymous meeting, and they later get married on a plane. However, their happiness is short-lived as he is murdered in season 5 to prevent him from testifying in a case. Teddy hits the bottle again, unable to cope following James’ death. She later has an affair with Daniel Albright – the criminal responsible for James’s death, in a bid to find out incriminating information about him, which end up being successful and he is arrested.

In season 6, Teddy gets car jacked and later gets a gun for protection, but she ends up accidentally getting shot in the head with the gun, ending up in a coma. Dr. Gabriel Sorenson, a neurosurgeon, operates on her saving her life and she ends up dating him, later marrying him and getting pregnant with his daughter.