Season 6, Episode 9 – A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation

Air Date: 25th November 1995

Guest Stars:
Susan Beaubian (Nancy Jeffries)
Charles Hallahan (William Griffin, Sr.)
Gili Lang (Little Trevor)
Jacob Loyst (Little Evan)
Whitney Rydbeck (Wilkings)
Tamlyn Tomita (Kiri Adams)
Anne Tremko (Melissa Sorenson)

Before Teddy and Sorenson leave for a romantic Thanksgiving skiing trip, Sorenson’s exemplary daughter, Melissa, visits unexpectedly. Unbeknownst to Melissa, they cancel their trip to be with her. Teddy later realizes that Melissa, a Harvard medical student, has a drinking problem and confronts father and daughter, getting them to admit the truth. A representative from a foster child-care agency determines that Charley’s apartment and hectic schedule are unsuitable for Jesse. To ease the situation, Charley moves in with Georgie, which is also beneficial to Georgie since she needs help paying the bills and wants company. Cat wants her boyfriend, Billy, to reconcile with his father, Griff, an ex-convict who is trying to live a better life now. But Billy refuses to believe that his father will stop disappointing him. After doing a show on the ideal Thanksgiving dinner, Alex tries to create a perfect Thanksgiving meal for the entire family. But chaos ensues when her diamond ring disappears, and everyone suspects Reed. Fortunately, the ring is found, and no one is to blame.