Season 6, Episode 8 – Renaissance Woman

Air Date: 18th November 1995

Guest Stars:
Dr. Joyce Brothers (Herself)
Saverio Carubia (Phil)
Martin Davis (Luke)
Lori Lively (Penelope)
Nan Martin (Marjorie Markham)
Shira Roth (Six-Year-Old Georgie)
Tamlyn Tomita (Kiri Adams)

Since becoming menopausal, Alex is obsessed with death. She attends the funeral of Marjorie Markham, a women’s author she respects but doesn’t know personally. Marjorie’s ghost appears to Alex and encourages her to set goals and enjoy life as an older woman. Teddy’s replacement at the fashion company, Kin Adams, causes her to be banished from Winnetka’s big fashion exposition. Together with Charley’s recently adopted son, Jesse, Teddy successfully organizes a hip inner-city fashion fair. Meanwhile, Bea disapproves of Georgie’s relationship with Brian, Georgie’s young lover. Later, the sisters learn that, years ago, Bea posed nude for a younger sculptor whom she loved and wanted to make love to. When Georgie confronts Bea, Bea confesses that she is jealous of Georgie for taking risks in love and making her dreams come true. Also, Charley and Jesse clash over her role as parent when he gets arrested for defacing public property.