Season 6, Episode 7 – Change of Life

Air Date: 11th November 1995

Guest Stars:
Steve Hytner (James Merril)
Richard B. Livingston (Bob)
Jacob Loyst (Little Evan)
Madison Mason (Sergeant Mark Bowman)
Carrie Snodgress (Betty Merril)
Adrian Sparks (Dr. Lawrence Ryan)

Alex’s quest for youth causes her to wear leather miniskirts and demand different lighting on her new show, “Alex Live.” When she has a “hot flash,” a symptom of menopause, live on the air, she lies to the audience and says she had a mild heart attack. Norma tries to convince Alex to admit that she is going through menopause. Georgie is excited by her on-the-job training as a therapist, but she gets in trouble when she becomes too deeply involved with a patient, Betty Merrill, who is trying to locate her son. At home, Georgie’s son Evan devastates her with his announcement that he would rather live with his father than with her. After Reed arranges a date between her co-worker and an older man who pays Reed, she begins overseeing her own flourishing prostitution business. Cat strives to succeed as a police cadet, despite the fact that she is the only woman in the class. She feels pressured by Billy’s constant attention.