Season 6, Episode 6 – A Perfect Circle

Air Date: 4th November 1995

Guest Stars:
Steven Culp (Graham Pressman)
Kymberly Newberry (Case Worker)
Pamela Tyson (Arlene Bayliss)
Nita Whitaker (Model)
Norris Young (Nelson Bayliss)

When Alex misses her menstrual cycle, she excitedly thinks she is pregnant. Sadly, she learns that she entered menopause early because of the chemotherapy she recently had for breast cancer. An boy named Jesse Bayliss, whom Charley has known all his life, becomes orphaned when his mother gets shot by gang members. Charley seriously considers adopting him and giving him the security of a good home that she never had as a child. Meanwhile, the board of directors at Teddy’s clothing design company ousts her because of her brain injury. Despite Sorenson’s assurances that Teddy is fully recovered, the board hires a younger, hipper designer to replace her. Teddy realizes that she still has talent and nothing can stop her from designing clothes.