Season 6, Episode 5 – Deceit

Air Date: 28th October 1995

Guest Stars:
Ian Abercrombie (Miles Pickering)
Louisa Abernathy (Nurse)
David Dunard (Mr. Feldgrabber)
Elizabeth Franz (Gladys Lear)
Chris Hogan (Joe)
Lisa Robin Kelly (Kristy)
Patricia Place (Wife)
Melissa Young (Kiki)

Georgie’s house needs to be fumigated for termites, so she moves in with Brian for their first romantic weekend together. Unfortunately, Brian’s roommate, Joe, and Joe’s girlfriend disrupt their plans. Alex’s producer, Norma, gives birth to a girl but discovers that her own mother, Gladys, is suing for custody of the baby because Norma is a lesbian. Alex tries to arbitrate between them. Alex reluctantly helps Reed get a job at a local department store cosmetic counter. There, Reed arranges a date between her coworker and an older man. The man pays Reed money in return. Teddy becomes attracted to Dr. Sorenson, who saved her life. However, she resents his using her as an exhibit to obtain a grant.