Season 6, Episode 27 – War

Air Date: 4th May 1996

Written By: Kathryn Pratt & Tammy Ader

Directed By: James A. Contner

Guest Stars:
Julianne Phillips (Francesca “Frankie” Reed)

Georgie is proud to announce that her graduate thesis, based on her relationship with her sisters, may be published. However, everyone is furious with Georgie for intending to reveal the most intimate personal details of their lives to the public. Her sisters threaten to sue her if she publishes the book. The tension between her daughters proves unbearable for Bea, who suffers a severe stroke. Fearing that Bea will die, they summon their remaining sister, Frankie, from Japan, where she is working. Only with the enduring bond of sisterhood can Alex, Teddy, Georgie, Frankie and Charley survive this bleak time. Shortly after Frankie arrives, Bea dies.

As the five sisters deal with Bea’s death, they must confront other issues as well. Charley and Frankie each attempt to resolve their feelings about their family. Frankie feels removed and guilty because she’s been away from home for so long. Charley struggles to cope with the hostility of her half sisters when they learn that their mother appointed Charley, who was not her real daughter, as her executor. Alex attempts to assume the new and uncomfortable role of family matriarch. Meanwhile, Teddy and Sorenson are worried that the baby that Teddy is pregnant with may be unhealthy. However, Teddy realizes she can love her child unconditionally. Finally, Georgie sees her ex-husband, John, at Bea’s funeral and realizes that she still loves him and not Brian. It becomes obvious that the two may reconcile.