Season 6, Episode 26 – Taking a Gamble

Air Date: 27th April 1996

Written By: Lindsay Harrison

Directed By: Graeme Clifford

Teddy and Sorenson’s repeated failures to conceive a child cause them to try a variety of unusual fertility methods. Charley and Wes decide to get married right away to increase the likelihood of Charley being allowed to adopt Jesse. However, Charley soon realizes how important family is and wants Jesse to be with his brother, a former gang member, who was adopted by a loving black family. Charley allows the family to also adopt Jesse, who does not want to choose between being with Charley or his brother. Realizing that their love for each other has nothing to do with Jesse, Charley and Wes get married anyway. Instead of going on vacation with Big Al, Alex chooses to travel to Tennessee and build homes for families who lost theirs in a flood.