Season 6, Episode 24 – Nothing Personal

Air Date: 13th April 1996

Written By: Nora Dunn

Directed By: Shawn Nelson

Guest Stars:
Albie Selznick (Bob)
Gabriel Olds (Raymond)

Sorenson is being considered for a U.S. presidential appointment relating to health care reform. An agent for the President tells Teddy that her past is a liability and advises her to remain in Winnetka instead of going to Washington D.C. with Sorenson. Teddy lies, telling Sorenson that she isn’t coming with him due to her design business. Later, Sorenson realizes the truth and refuses the appointment. Meanwhile, Georgie suspects that one of her therapy patients, Raymond Bradshaw, is seriously disturbed after he becomes obsessed with her. He buys her gifts and appears at her home late at night. Raymond concludes that Georgie’s boyfriend, Brian, is preventing him from becoming romantically involved with Georgie. After Brian and Georgie suspect Raymond of vandalizing Brian’s car, Brian provokes Raymond into attacking him in order to have him arrested. Finally, Alex and Norma’s friendship is tested when Norma gets a new job in anticipation of the demise of Alex’s television talk show. After Alex insists that Norma not be on the set for the final show of “Alex Live,” she realizes that she needs Norma, and the two women make amends.