Season 6, Episode 23 – Guess Who’s Coming to Seder

Air Date: 6th April 1996

Written By: Tammy Ader & Lindsay Harrison

Directed By: Mel Damski

Guest Stars:
John D. LeMay (Professor Jacobsen)
Lynn Hamilton (Alma Hayes)
Lincoln Kilpatrick (Eli Hayes)

Big Al tells Alex that he changed his name to Barker because he thought if people knew he was Jewish, it would hinder his career. Now, he regrets that decision and would like to resume practicing the faith. He cancels a lucrative business merger with an anti-Semitic associate and permanently changes his last name back to Barkowitz. Despite her best efforts, Charley fails to impress Wes’ parents, Alma and Eli Hayes. However, when Alma realizes how much Wes cares for Charley, she makes an effort to know Charley and her family better. Meanwhile, Georgie thinks that she might be pregnant. After Brian and she discuss the alternatives, Georgie is disappointed to learn that she isn’t having a baby. She feels that she could be a better mother at this time in her life.