Season 6, Episode 22 – The Price

Air Date: 30th March 1996

Guest Stars:
Bruce Weitz (Pug Finnegan)

Sorenson astounds the hospital administration and Teddy by announcing his resignation at his medical malpractice hearing. He insists that he’s responsible for the death of a patient during emergency surgery. However, Teddy launches an investigation to prove that the charges against Sorenson are false. She finally discovers that the patient, who was also one of Sorenson’s medical students, was taking a drug illegally. The patient was then given more of the same drug for surgery, causing an overdose. Meanwhile, Billy and Cat’s relationship falters after Cat is promoted above Billy because she’s a woman. However, they both make an effort to deal positively with the situation. Alex is thrilled to learn that her television talk show might be syndicated. But when she learns that she must move to New York for this to happen, she worries about Big Al’s heart problems. Ultimately, she declines the offer. However, her co-host, Pug, moves to New York to co-host a very similar show.