Season 6, Episode 20 – Leap Before You Look

Air Date: 16th March 1996

Guest Stars:
Mark Rolston (Col. Haystings)

After Trevor is found alive and unharmed, Georgie fights with the military to learn the truth about Trevor’s mission. Trevor finally convinces Georgie that the mission was top secret for reasons of national security. Meanwhile, Bea forms a business partnership with Griff, Billy’s father, who is a wonderful cook. They intend to buy a restaurant, the Sweet Sixteen, from Georgie. However, Bea and her daughters realize that Griff has not overcome his criminal tendencies when he disappears with all the money Bea gave him for the transaction. Billy swears that he will find his father and the thousands of dollars stolen from Bea. Although Bea is upset, she tells Billy that the money is not what was important to her. Also, newlyweds Teddy and Sorenson start looking for a house to buy, but it’s difficult for them to agree on a place. They finally buy what they think is the perfect home. Only later do they realize that it needs to be almost entirely rebuilt, and the repairs could cost as much as the house. They decide to live there anyway.