Season 6, Episode 19 – Where There’s Smoke

Air Date: 9th March 1996

Guest Stars:
Bruce Weitz (Pug Finnegan)
Suzanne Krull (Wife)

Alex and Pug argue about the issue of smoking in public and sexual discrimination. When Pug objects to smoking regulations that Alex supports, she exposes his men-only cigar-smoking social club. In retaliation for Alex and Norma gaining membership in the club by threatening to sue, Pug and his pals barge into Alex and Norma’s women-only steam room. Later, Alex and Pug realize that Alex doesn’t want to smoke cigars, and Pug doesn’t want to lounge in a steam room. Cat and Billy’s relationship becomes strained when they are assigned to be police partners. Cat loves the idea, but Billy fears that their intimacy will hinder their work. After he overreacts when Cat is threatened during an arrest, they agree to be partners only in their personal life. Georgie is ecstatic when Trevor comes home on leave from the army. Trevor clashes with Georgie’s younger lover, Brian, but the two reconcile when Brian promises to love and care for Georgie in Trevor’s absence. Later, the entire family is galvanized by the news that Trevor’s transport airplane crashed in North Korea. Surprisingly, Pug comforts the distraught Alex. An army chaplain informs the family that Trevor is listed as missing in action.