Season 6, Episode 18 – Don’t Go To Springfield

Air Date: 2nd March 1996

Guest Stars:
Sid Conrad (Farmer)
Anjul Nigam (Lip)
Shaun Toub (Weatherman)

While traveling in a limousine to an event honoring Alex, the sisters and Bea are stranded on a deserted road in a blizzard. After the limousine’s driver unsuccessfully tries to get the vehicle out of a snowy ditch, he leaves to find help, never to return. While waiting, the unsuspecting women reminisce about their past. They remember early job experiences and various family situations, some poignant, some tragic. In a series of movie parodies, they fantasize about their past love affairs. Holidays are discussed and steamy sauna conversations recounted. The elderly Bea suffers from the first stages of hypothermia. The sisters tend to her while Georgie reminds her of how inspiring she was when Alex was diagnosed with cancer. Georgie also remembers how scared she was when her son became gravely ill. Charley volunteers to go for help, but she can only walk about a mile in the freezing wind before returning. Eventually, the battery dies, leaving the frightened women in the cold darkness. Finally, a farmer sees them and rescues them.