Season 6, Episode 17 – A Little Snag

Air Date: 10th February 1996

Guest Stars:
Ellen Albertini Dow (Aunt Ida Watherwax)
Diana Bellamy (Nurse Marilyn)
Jill Boyd (Little Frankie)
David L. Crowley (Mr. Sadorski)
Allen Cutler (Danny Sadorski)
David Greenlee (Father Thomas)
Jeanne Hartman (O.B. Nurse)
Carol Huston (Dr. Veronica Spratt)
Peter Kwong (Douglas Chan)
Leah Lail (Christy Caldwell)
Iqbal Theba (Orderly Valentine)

While at the hospital, Teddy meets Christy Caldwell, a pregnant woman who dated Sorenson nine months earlier before Teddy dated him. Christy claims that he is the father of her baby. However, she dated Sorenson just after she dated an Asian man who was the real love of her life. When the baby is born, it clearly has Asian features. Sorenson is relieved but a bit disappointed. He talks about having a child with Teddy. Later, the two allow a minister to finish their wedding ceremony at the hospital prior to Big Al’s surgery. Meanwhile, also at the hospital, Charley deals with a high school basketball player, injured during a game, and his overbearing father. And Georgie unexpectedly encounters Brian, who is visiting his friend — a beautiful, young doctor whom Georgie suspects he is very attracted to. When Brian learns that Georgie is jealous, he lets her know that the woman is only a friend. The two disappear to make passionate love in a hospital linen closet.