Season 6, Episode 16 – The Best Man

Air Date: 3rd February 1996

Written By: Rachel Feldman

Guest Stars:
Kevin Bourland (Peter Merino)
Jill Boyd (Little Frankie)
Lisa Dinkins (Nurse)
Shanee Edwards (Young Beatrice)
Dan Gilvezan (Dr. Herman Helpern)
Peter Michael Goetz (Elton Grenthal)
John Walcutt (Young Dr. Reed)
Edward Trucco (Young Elton Grenthal)
Ed Williams (Minister)

As Teddy and Sorenson’s wedding day approaches, Teddy learns that the family’s bad luck with regard to weddings originated with her mother’s nuptials. Young Elton Grenthal, the best man at Bea’s wedding, secretly wished Bea and her groom, as well as their unborn children, unhappiness on their wedding day. Bea confronts the elderly Elton Grenthal, who admits he was bitter when she married his roommate after dating Elton first. Meanwhile, Big Al wears a pager so that he will know immediately when the hospital finds an available heart to replace his. Alex learns that a sizeable donation to the hospital will increase Big Al’s chances of receiving a donor heart quickly. Without telling Big Al, she gives the hospital a large sum of money, and a donor heart is found for Big Al. When he learns the truth and meets the man who should have received the donor heart, Big Al refuses to have the surgery. He allows the hospital to keep the money but insists he wants no favors. However, just as Teddy and Sorenson are about to be married, Big Al receives news of a new donor heart. Everyone rushes to the hospital. Teddy and Sorenson remain unmarried.