Season 6, Episode 14 – Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Air Date: 20th January 1996

Guest Stars: Bruce Weitz (Pug Finnegan)

Sorenson proposes marriage to Teddy, but she’s not sure whether or not to accept, considering his bad marriages in the past. After a frank discussion with him, she enthusiastically accepts. An obnoxious columnist, Pug Finnigan, who works for a Chicago newspaper, prints continuous, negative reviews of Alex’s television talk show. Alex invites him to come on her show to confront her. The two get into an argument, helping to increase the program’s viewership. To Alex’s dismay, Pug is asked and agrees to appear in a daily TV segment with her as part of the show. Charley tries to convince Dr. Wes Hayes, to decline a job offer in Detroit and concentrate his efforts on having a relationship with her instead.