Season 6, Episode 12 – A Sudden Change of Heart

Air Date: 6th January 1996

Written By: Molly Newman

Directed By: Harry Harris

Guest Stars:
Patrick Cronin (Potter Bellencamp)
Mario Di Donato (Sound Operator)
K. Todd Freeman (Chardonnay/Larry)
Harriet Sansom Harris (Alan Klaus)
James Karen (Judge)
David Purdham (Dr. Joe Burgo)
Tia Texada (P.A.)
Nicholas Walker (Sam Talbitt)

Big Al goes to a doctor for a routine health check and finds out that he has a serious heart problem that could end his life in six months unless a donor heart is secured for a heart transplant. He tries to hide the information from Alex, but his strange behavior makes her suspicious. When a successful fashion commentator chronicles Teddy’s career on film, Sorenson becomes jealous of the attention she’s getting. Reed gets caught and convicted for managing her illegal prostitution business. She blames Cat, although it was Alex who decided Reed must be arrested. A judge sentences Reed to community service at an AIDS hospice. At first, she dislikes the work but gradually befriends the residents including a friendly patient, a transvestite named Chardonnay.