Season 6, Episode 1 – 100

Air Date: 23rd September 1995

Guest Stars:
Kirk Baily (The Creep)
John D. LeMay (Professor Jacobsen)
Willard Scott (Himself)

Reed returns unexpectedly to Winnetka, and tells Alex that her husband, Kirby, took her baby and left her. Later, Alex learns the truth: Reed, bored with her mundane life, abandoned Kirby and the baby. Alex ends all communication with Reed. Alex, Teddy, Charley and Bea plan a party for Georgie’s 40th birthday. However, they plan to re-celebrate her 10th birthday, since Georgie is depressed about her advancing age. Georgie has a fantasy that she is being interviewed by Willard Scott on her 100th birthday, but has no accomplishments in her life to show for it. Teddy proudly buys Cat a new car as her college graduation gift. After they get carjacked, Teddy buys handguns for her and Cat. When Teddy sees the carjacker again, she confronts him, and he shoots her. When Teddy does not arrive for Georgie’s party, everyone wonders where she is.