Season 5, Episode 9 – Paradise Lost

Air Date: 19th November 1994

Written By: Peter Schneider

Directed By: James A. Contner

Guest Stars:
John Del Regno (Eddie Voskobynik)
Muriel Minot (Superintendent)
Lance E. Nichols (Officer Sadowski)
LuAnne Ponce (Young Frankie)
Glenn Taranto (Little Big Al’s Brother)

Alex and Big Al take custody of 10-year-old Roxie, when her mother, Grace, finally dies of cancer. Big Al is strangely aloof to the young girl. Alex discovers that Big Al’s mother died when he was about Roxie’s age and it pains him to think about it, particularly because his father told him never to cry. Meanwhile, in a daring attempt to gain recognition in the fashion world again, Teddy has a fashion show in the boxing ring. She enlists the help of her sister Frankie and Lucky. Frankie becomes certain that Teddy is trying to seduce Lucky. Finally, Teddy and Frankie put boxing gloves on and fight until they become exhausted. Georgie agrees to meet Dr. Caspian at a hotel out of town where he’s a guest speaker at a convention for incest survivors. Despite her conflicting feelings, Georgie is with Caspian a lot. While the two have a very intimate conversation, John sees them after he drives to the hotel to surprise Georgie. He realizes that Georgie is having an affair with Caspian and confronts her, asking her to choose between him and Caspian.