Season 5, Episode 8 – Cold Turkey

Air Date: 12th November 1994

Written By: Lisa Melamed

Directed By: Helaine Head

Guest Stars:
Jill Boyd (Little Frankie)
Sass Jordan (Delilah)

Georgie decides not to continue the tradition of inviting the entire family to her home for Thanksgiving dinner. Frankie invites an apprehensive Charley to be with her on Thanksgiving, and everyone else decides to pursue their own plans. Those plans change when Truman, now in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, accidentally burns down the condominium that he and Bea share. John and Georgie are forced to take them home on Thanksgiving. Subsequently, the entire family gathers, including Teddy, just out of the alcohol clinic. Teddy brings along her roommate from the clinic, a rock star named Delilah. Alex brings Norma, who just ended a broke up with her girlfriend. Alex learns that Norma has a daughter, taken away from her by her ex-husband because of her sexual preference. Bea meets Charley, the daughter of her deceased husband’s mistress. The two do not get along. Eventually, they make peace, and Charley offers to help Bea find a good “home” for Truman. But Alex learns that Truman wants her to help him die to save Bea from the agony of his deterioration. Finally, Georgie tells her husband that she loves him.