Season 5, Episode 7 – Down for the Count

Air Date: 5th November 1994

Written By: Kathryn Pratt

Directed By: Kevin Inch

Guest Stars:
Jill Boyd (Little Frankie)
Jeff Parise (Dwayne)
Richard Robert Redlin (Devon Williams)
Cheryl Rhoads (Waitress)
Danny Valdivia (Official)
David A.R. White (Gas Station Attendant)

Evan suffers a broken arm when Teddy drove over him, drunk. Teddy decides to check into a clinic for alcoholics. But when she arrives there, she decides to leave town instead. Teddy picks up a young hitchhiker who is actually teenage Teddy dressed in contemporary clothing. The two women have a “Thelma and Louise” style adventure, which culminates with Teddy telling teenage Teddy that she can’t run away from her problems. Teddy ends up entering the clinic. Georgie is traumatized after having sex with Dr. Caspian. She tries to end her relationship with Caspian, but he is able to convince her that an affair can help her marriage. When Georgie talks to Alex about this, Alex assumes that John is having the affair. John convinces Alex that he isn’t and tries to show Georgie how much he loves her. Confused, Georgie returns to Dr. Caspian, who seduces her again. After trying unsuccessfully to talk Lucky out of the fight, Frankie refuses to watch, staying home instead. But when Alex calls to tell her that Lucky is losing, Frankie speeds to the arena, arriving in time to cheer Lucky on to victory. Later, the two finally make love.