Season 5, Episode 6 – Scandalous

Air Date: 29th October 1994

Written By: Tammy Ader

Directed By: Bethany Rooney

Guest Stars:
Tsai Chin (Rita Kwan)
Gale Van Cott (TV Reporter #1)
Deborah Gates (TV Reporter #2)
David Kriegel (Bennett Silver)
Bobbi Jo Lathan (Wanda Rose)
Macon McCalman (Richard Fallright)
Lisa Stothard (Mannequin #1)
Wendy Raquel Robinson (Mannequin #2)

Big Al’s mayoral campaign is going well until his opponent tries to blackmail him with phony photos of Alex and Norma, who’s Big Al’s campaign manager. Alex saves the campaign with a great public relations maneuver. Drinking heavily, Teddy has problems creating designs for a client. Desperate, she steals an idea from Bennett, a design student and friend of Cat’s. Although Teddy wins the account, her conscience bothers her, and she soon admits that Bennett was the true designer. Bennett gets the account and Teddy regains her self-respect. Georgie tells Dr. Caspian that every time she and John make love, Georgie sees John as her father. Dr. Caspian suggests that she fantasize about who she’s making love to, which will block out the image. Georgie tries this but is astounded when her fantasy lover becomes Dr. Caspian. Later, Dr. Caspian seduces her in his office. Feeling enormous guilt, Georgie goes with John and the boys to Alex’s house for the election results. Teddy shows up drunk and before Cat or Georgie can stop her, she gets in her car to leave. As she blindly backs out of the driveway, she hits Evan. Big Al wins the election.