Season 5, Episode 5 – Heroes

Air Date: 22nd October 1994

Written By: Allison Hock

Directed By: Janet G. Knutsen

Guest Stars:
Anne Bellamy (Millicent Musgrove)
Stephen James Carver (Tony)
Tsai Chin (Rita Kwan)
David Cromwell (Walter)
John Del Regno (Eddie Voskobynik)
Steve Franken (Huey Short)
Robert Mandan (Governor Musgrove)
Ken Olandt (Joe)
Richard Robert Redlin (Devon Williams)
Stephen Nichols (Steve)

Teddy gets drunk and sleeps with a guy she meets in a bar. When he shows up another night, Teddy gets a black eye. Due to her destructive lifestyle, she also loses an important account with a department store. Dr. Caspian gives Georgie an odd exercise. He has Georgie tell Teddy that she’s Georgie’s hero. Later, Dr. Caspian tells Georgie to be her own hero, then asks if she needs a hug. The hug turns into a kiss. The attraction between Frankie and Lucky increases. When Frankie learns that Lucky cancelled his flight and stopped training, Frankie goes to confront him and meets his wheelchair-bound brother, victim of the boxer Lucky wanted to fight. They talk and Lucky decides to resume training and fight the boxer. Big Al’s parole is denied. While visiting him in jail, Alex sees the governor and his wife on a prison tour. When the governor’s wife falls into the swimming pool and begins to drown, Big Al saves her life. He is given a pardon and returns to Pricetown a hero. As he gives his “welcome home” speech, two public relations people target him to run for Winnetka mayor. Alex and Big Al accept the challenge.