Season 5, Episode 4 – Falling Leaves

Air Date: 15th October 1994

Written By: Peter Schneider

Directed By: Alan Myerson

Guest Stars:
Philip Attmore (Marcus)
Ed Beechner (Store Security)
Nigel Gibbs (Dr. Chase)
Caroline McWilliams (Grace Watley)
Sharon Spelman (Martha)
Paul Tuerpe (Bill)
Daniel Gerroll
Robert Duncan McNeill (Andrew Simms)

Alex takes care of terminally ill Grace Whatley’s 10-year-old daughter, Roxie, on a trial basis. However, Roxie misbehaves and goes back to her mother early. When Grace faints and is hospitalized, Roxie willingly returns to Alex. Finally accepting that her mother is dying and realizing that she cannot prevent it, Roxie also accepts Alex. The two agree that, whenever Roxie wants, she can live with Alex. Still unsure if her father molested her, Georgie continues therapy. Georgie becomes further alienated from her family, even asking Alex not to visit her home without calling first. Concerned about the drastic changes in his wife’s personality, John meets her therapist Dr. Caspian. Caspian is able to falsely convince John that the memory could not be imaginary and that Georgie’s new behavior is normal. When she learns that John visited Caspian without her knowledge, Georgie begins to trust no one but Caspian. Further despondent over her husband’s death, Teddy begins to drink again. She shows up drunk at a very important dinner with Cat and Cat’s new boyfriend, Andrew. Cat is upset and wants Teddy to stay sober, but Teddy is out of control.