Season 5, Episode 3 – I Only Have Eyes for You

Air Date: 8th October 1994

Guest Stars:
Jeff Austin (Detective Robert Nash)
John Del Regno (Eddie Voskobynik)
Ron Fassler (Barry Gold)
Robert Kerbeck (John McCormick)
Caroline McWilliams (Grace Watley)
Big Daddy Wayne (Ray)

Teddy is happy being blind because the only thing she can see is Falconer’s ghost. Falconer’s ghost protects Teddy from his killer, who wants to kill Teddy as well. When Teddy realizes that Falconer didn’t return from the dead for love, she regains her vision and identifies the killer for the police. When she returns home, Falconer’s ghost reappears. This time it is to share a tender moment with Teddy before disappearing forever. Meanwhile, Frankie inherits a boxer from her first client when she was a market analyst. The boxer, Lucky, doesn’t want Frankie to manage him. He loses his first fight, and Frankie is ready to terminate their business relationship. Then she finds out that Lucky was guaranteed a fight with a better boxer if he lost to the first one. Intrigued, she decides to invest in his future and finance his training. Alex thinks she’s being stalked. However, she finally realizes that it’s not some demented fan. Grace Whatley, a woman with terminal cancer, has watched Alex’s career from cancer survivor to talk show host. Grace has no family and feels a kinship to Alex. She asks Alex to raise her 10-year-old daughter, Roxanne.