Season 5, Episode 24 – Enchanted May

Air Date: 5th May 1995

Guest Stars:
Philip Casnoff (Jack Chambers)
Henry Darrow (Benedetto)
Alejandro De Hoyos (Benedetito)
Marta DuBois (Rosa Maria Castio)

The sisters decide that they all need a vacation. Along with Bea, Cat and Big Al, they travel to Villa Esperanza. When they arrive, the villa looks tacky. However, the next morning, it is magically transformed into a place where dreams come true. While Benedetto, the owner of the villa is smitten by Bea, each of her daughters grapples with a dilemma. Alex is worried about Big Al’s heart and avoids making love to him, much to Big Al’s dismay. Big Al practices bullfighting and prepares to take on the worst bull of them all in order to win back Alex’s affections. Teddy is visited by a ghost, Rosa, whose only hope of being reunited with her love, Arturro, is to get a couple to kiss on the balcony of Teddy’s room. Rosa arranges for Jack to come to the villa and stay the night, hoping to get Teddy romantically involved with him. Finally, it works and Rosa and Arturro can be together. Yearning for the perfect love, Georgie meets him in the form of John. Georgie and John pretend that they have just met, letting all the bad things between them, including their impending divorce, fade away.