Season 5, Episode 23 – Matters of the Heart

Air Date: 29th April 1995

Guest Stars:
Hy Anzell (Sol Lieberman)
John Capodice (Gus Foster)
Philip Casnoff (Jack Chambers)
Mike Genovese (Tony Ceccarella)
Jacob Loyst (Little Evan)
John Meyers (Tommy)

After Big Al suffers a mild heart attack, he’s ordered to rest in bed and Alex becomes the “acting Mayor of Winnetka.” With Norma’s help, Alex settles union problems with the city’s sanitation workers, bus drivers and Department of Power employees. After he graduates from high school, Trevor astonishes his parents by enlisting in the army and announcing he will leave after the weekend. Georgie and John decide that even though they are separated, their entire family should be together at home the last weekend before Trevor leaves. The couple end up talking and making love but are undecided about whether or not to stay married. Finally, Teddy sees more of her new beau, Jack, who almost seems like Falconer reincarnated because he has Falconer’s heart. Teddy buys him a leather jacket like Falconer’s and even cuts his hair to look like Falconer’s. Jack asks her to go on a long motorcycle trip with him to see the world. After realizing what she’s doing, Teddy declines and he leaves without her.