Season 5, Episode 22 – A Fighting Chance

Air Date: 22nd April 1995

Guest Stars:
Robert Ayers (Mr. Tweedy Intellectual)
Dennis Bailey (Mr. Big Shot)
Philip Casnoff (Jack Chambers)
Bill Dearth (Mr. Mahaffey)
David Sederholm (Mr. Romance)
Ryan Tomlinson (Mike Mahaffey)

Alex is worried about Bea. Since Truman’s death, Bea is not taking care of herself and has a minor car accident. Bea agrees to move in with Alex. However, Charley disagrees with Alex about what Bea needs. She thinks that feeling useful will be what helps Bea the most and asks her to work at the clinic as receptionist. Meanwhile, John opposes Lucky’s efforts to teach Evan how to defend himself after Evan gets a black eye from a bully at school. Teddy is coaxed by her daughter, Cat, to begin dating again. But the results are disastrous until Teddy meets Jack Chambers. Jack is alive today because of a successful heart transplant. The heart belonged to Falconer. Teddy becomes intrigued with Jack.