Season 5, Episode 21 – Remembrance of Sisters Past

Air Date: 15th April 1995

Guest Stars:
Elya Baskin (Dr. Freud)
Eve Brenner (Aunt Gigi)
John David Conti (Postman)
Tim Monsion (David Belasco)
Scott Paetty (Jamey)

Bea prevails upon Alex, Teddy and Georgie to meet her Aunt Gigi, who is coming to visit. Alex is upset about a letter she just received from Paramount Studios asking her to do a screen test — dated from 1969 and just arrived! Teddy believes she’ll never love anyone again after losing Falconer. Georgie debates whether to study to be a therapist. Gigi tells the sisters a story about three other sisters, Alexandra, Theodora and Georgiana, who had very similar stories. Gigi’s stories are told in a series of flashbacks that take place in the earlier part of the 20th century. Through the story, Alex learns to forget the past and be happy with Big Al. Teddy learns that she must date again and agrees to go out with someone recommended to her. Georgie learns that Georgiana is really Aunt Gigi, who has a master’s degree in psychology and speaks on the lecture circuit. She teaches Georgie that it’s never too late to learn.