Season 5, Episode 2 – Blinders

Air Date: 1st October 1994

Guest Stars:
Peter White (Dr. Reed)
Jeff Austin (Detective Robert Nash)
Linda Carlson (Babs)
Kevin Cooney (Dr. Woods)
Ilene Graff (Cynthia)
Sonya Hensley (Lucy Young)
Christina Pickles (Didi Ponsel)
Darryl Sivad (Dr. Siberry)
Jim Wise (Photographer)

Teddy suffers from “hysterical blindness” as a result of the Falconer’s death. As the only witness who got a glimpse of Falconer’s assassin, Teddy must try to recall what she saw moments before the fatal explosion. But she can’t remember what the man looks like and doesn’t really want to see again. However, she can see Falconer’s ghost when it comes to visit her. Georgie continues therapy with Dr. Caspian. She still thinks that her father may have molested her. Alex and Bea do not believe her, but Frankie is at least sympathetic. Caspian tells Georgie that she might have to separate herself from her family. She rejects this and decides to stop treatment. However, when she has a mixed fantasy/nightmare confusing her husband with her father, she returns to Dr. Caspian. Snubbed by her high-society friends, Alex is not invited to good friend Didi Poncell’s anniversary party. Alex learns that she’s being snubbed because she’s the wife of an ex-convict. Alex commiserates with her “Alex Live” producer, Norma. Norma gives her a pep talk and, with renewed confidence, Alex attends the party uninvited and tells everyone what hypocrites they are.