Season 5, Episode 18 – Sleeping with the Devil

Air Date: 4th March 1995

Guest Stars:
Tom Amandes (Martin)
John Bluto (Hawkeye)
Greg Collins (Security Guard)
SW Fisher (Admiral Noah)
Cully Fredricksen (Detective Grant)
Michael Halpin (Newscaster)
Douglas Sills (Douglas Bochner)
Gregory Harrison (Daniel Albright)

Teddy learns that Daniel Albright is using Teddy Reed designs as a cover for smuggling his heroin. When she tells the police, Albright becomes suspicious of Lucky. To endear Teddy further to Albright, Teddy and Lucky devise a scheme in which Teddy shoots Lucky to protect Albright and Lucky goes into hiding. Once this occurs, Teddy begins to doubt that she can successfully bring Albright to justice for her deceased husband’s murder. Meanwhile, Charley continues to see Dr. Caspian. When he attempts to seduce her, she gets it on tape. The sisters hope to discredit him with the Psychiatric Board. Alex is badgered by the media and tabloids, being called the Angel of Death. To help Alex, Norma enlists a reporter at her station to tell the story Alex’s way, interviewing all of the family including Alex’s mom and sisters. Unfortunately, the reporter intentionally slants the story against Alex. However, Norma steals the tape before it airs and fires the reporter.