Season 5, Episode 17 – Angel of Death

Air Date: 18th February 1995

Guest Stars:
Ron Brooks (Reporter)
Gary Bullock (Grim Reaper)
Patricia Forte (Judge Silas)
Jerry Giles (Attendant)
Gregory Harrison (Daniel Albright)

Big Al hires a renowned attorney to defend Alex in her trial for the mercy-killing of her stepfather, Truman. The attorney tries to convince Alex that it would be in her best interest to take a plea and serve a short sentence. However, Alex is determined to do what she believes in. She pleads not guilty and must go on trial for murder. She sees Truman’s ghost two times — once as a judge convicting her to eternal damnation and the other time thanking her for finally setting him free. Meanwhile, Teddy pretends to be romantically interested in Daniel Albright, hoping to trap him doing something illegal to bring him to justice for having her husband killed. Lucky becomes involved when Albright, who loves boxing, hires the newly retired Lucky as his bodyguard after receiving death threats. Unbeknownst to Albright, Teddy and Lucky are sending him those death threats so Lucky will be around to help Teddy. Finally, Charley meets another Charlie, a schizophrenic who is temporarily cured by a particular drug. The pair becomes romantically involved. However, Charley learns that either he must stop using the drug due to life-threatening liver damage, which would cause his death, or revert back to being a schizophrenic.