Season 5, Episode 16 – A Proper Farewell

Air Date: 11th February 1995

Written By: Tammy Ader

Directed By: Bruce Humphrey

Guest Stars:
Philip Attmore (Marcus)
Ed Berke (Detective Armstrong)
Gabrielle Boni (Little Charley)
Jill Boyd (Little Frankie)
Cully Fredricksen (Detective Grant)
Gregory Harrison (Daniel Albright)
Don Hood (Judge Wilks)
Jim Ishida (Mr. Rondan)
Robert Kerbeck (John McCormick)
Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Gump)
Gregory Storm (Coroner’s Assistant)

Realizing that Truman is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, Alex ends his life as he requested by helping him overdose on his medication. Bea supports Truman’s decision, but Charley is unaware of Truman’s living will. Worried that Mrs. Gamp was negligent, she orders an autopsy. Distraught that Mrs. Gamp may be charged, Alex confesses to euthinizing Truman. Meanwhile, Teddy is outraged when her murdered husband’s killer receives an easy prison sentence and not the death penalty. She learns the reason is because the murderer was merely the hit man and the police are after the real culprit, Daniel Albright, a wholesome looking family man with a well-protected secret. Albright is a prosperous drug dealer and the man Teddy’s husband intended to testify against. In an effort to bring Albright to justice for the murder, Teddy devises a scheme. Finally, Frankie can’t decide whether or not to accept an offer from a Japanese conglomerate to market her “pet project,” Cowlotta. She ultimately accepts even though it means moving to Tokyo to oversee the marketing and development of Cowlotta and leaving Lucky.