Season 5, Episode 15 – A House Divided

Air Date: 4th February 1995

Written By: Lindsay Harrison

Directed By: Davis Guggenheim

Guest Stars:
Erich Anderson (Greg LeMott)
Tom Ashworth (Photographer)
Dena Dietrich (Mrs. Jacobsen)
Wynn Irwin (Marc Satter)
Darrell Larson (Kenny Stepinek)
Steve Vaught (Process Server)
John Welsh (Dr. Casey)

John serves Georgie with divorce papers. They decide to sell the house and split all possessions equally. However, when they meet again to go over their lists, they both want some of the same items. As the situation escalates, both have fond memories of better times. They finally agree to give the house and belongings to their sons, while John and Georgie will have joint custody and take turns being in the house. Alex and Big Al hire Roxie’s father, Kenny, to play music at Big Al’s Inaugural Ball as mayor. Kenny is such a success that he gets a good job offer. However, if he accepts the offer, he must move to St. Louis. Roxie chooses to go with Kenny, leaving Alex and Big Al to tearfully wish her good-bye. Cat declines Teddy’s help moving into her new off-campus apartment. Teddy discovers that Cat is keeping her away because Cat is involved with a college professor twice her age, a man with whom Teddy had an affair years ago. Teddy tells Cat that the professor is married with two children, but Cat already knew.