Season 5, Episode 14 – A Good Deed

Air Date: 21st January 1995

Directed By: Michael Schultz

Guest Stars:
Alicia Brandt (Joy)
Wesley Mann (Reginald)
Tamara Mark (Jame)
Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Gump)

Charley tries to bait Dr. Caspian by using a fictitious name and story, but Caspian is suspicious and she finally reveals her true identity. She continues to see Caspian in therapy, actually hoping that he may be able to help her overcome some of her traumas from early childhood. However, her sisters distrust Caspian’s motives. Meanwhile, Georgie tries to make amends with John, who isn’t ready to forgive her. He tells her that the only reason she is talking to him is because Caspian rejected her. At the Sweet Sixteen Café, Frankie is having a birthday party for baby Thomas when the hired clown shows up drunk wearing a cow suit. When the clown passes out, Frankie takes the costume and creates a Barney-type character — Cowlotta the Cow. The character is a huge hit with the kids, and a parent in attendance introduces Frankie to an Atlanta broadcasting mogul who wants to put her on television. Alex realizes that Truman’s Alzheimer’s disease has worsened. Convinced that she must help him die, Alex confesses her plan to her mother and shows Bea a tape Truman made requesting her assistance once the disease progressed. Bea painfully gives Alex her permission.