Season 5, Episode 13 – A Lullaby for My Father

Air Date: 14th January 1995

Guest Stars:
Peter White (Dr. Reed)
Darrell Larson (Kenny Stepinek)
Dorothy Lyman (Dr. Deborah Rosen)

Alex is pleased that Roxie is taking piano lessons. Alex likes Roxie’s piano teacher, Kenny… until she learns that Kenny is really Roxie’s estranged father. Kenny regrets abandoning his wife and daughter years ago and desperately wants to become reacquainted with his daughter, who does not remember him. Alex worries about losing her new daughter but eventually tells Roxie who Kenny is. At first Roxie is upset but, gradually, she accepts Kenny as her father while remaining under Alex’s care. Despite Georgie’s attempts to put the Dr. Caspian affair behind her, Evan feels she abandoned him and gets psychosomatic stomach pains. Georgie realizes that her father did not molest her. It was Dr. Caspian who convinced her that she was molested. Georgie files a complaint against Caspian with the Psychiatric Board, but the case is dismissed. Disguised as a patient, Charley goes to Dr. Caspian, hoping to entrap him. Bea gives Charley an old medical bag that belonged to her husband, Dr. Reed. Charley grew up in foster homes, but inside the bag Charley finds proof that her father tried to find her.