Season 5, Episode 11 – A Child Is Given

Air Date: 17th December 1994

Guest Stars:
Jill Boyd (Little Frankie)
Kirsten Getchell (Anna Dalton)
Norman D. Golden II (Dexter Warren)
Cynthia Martells (Nadine Warren)
George C. Simms (Officer Coleman)

While shopping for a Christmas tree at a tree lot, Baby Thomas is snatched from Frankie and Lucky. The abductor is a mentally unstable woman who’s a patient at Charley’s clinic. Baby Thomas is finally returned unharmed. Meanwhile, Norma asks Alex if Big Al may donate sperm so that Norma and her girlfriend can have a child. Big Al is willing to grant her request, but Alex is initially opposed. Concerned that she and Big Al won’t have a child of their own, she wonders how she would deal with seeing someone else’s child who looks like her husband. She later changes her attitude and agrees to Norma’s request. While Teddy is helping to decorate Charley’s clinic, a young gunshot victim is brought in. Trying to be a Good Samaritan, Teddy brings Christmas gifts to the family of the wounded child but is rebuffed by the mother, a single parent who insists on not accepting charity. Teddy hires the mother as a bookkeeper for her company instead. Georgie struggles to find a way to tell her sons that she’s decided to move out immediately after Christmas. She tells John that she can’t ruin the holidays for the kids and will wait.