Season 5, Episode 10 – Twilight Time

Air Date: 3rd December 1994

Written By: Allison Hock

Guest Stars:
Hope Alexander-Willis (Yvonne)
Judy Jean Berns (Marilyn)
Z.Z. Clark (Bus Driver)
Tim Gardner (Collegiate John)
Fiona Hale (Mrs. Goldberg)
Deborah Harmon (Judy Burns)
Shannon Kies (Collegiate Georgie)
D. David Morin (Bob Burns)
Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Gump)

At her home, Alex attempts to nurse Teddy back from the flu. However, Teddy’s behavior annoys Alex, who ends up having a fantasy a la “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” with Alex as Jane and Teddy as Blanche. Meanwhile, Georgie and John dread meeting with their former college pals, Bob and Judy. They think they must pretend to be happily married even though they are not right now. Later, they find out that the only reason Bob and Judy are happy is because they are both currently having affairs! John knows about Georgie’s affair with Caspian, and both John and Georgie know that they could not live like their friends. John asks Georgie to choose between Caspian and him. Georgie tells him she’s in love with Caspian. Bea reluctantly puts Truman into a convalescent home because of his Alzheimer’s disease, while she returns to their condominium, refurbished since the fire. At first Bea is happy with the care Truman receives in the home because of a nurse named Mrs. Gamp. Unfortunately, Mrs. Gamp retires and is replaced by an abusive nurse. Bea takes Truman out of the hospital with help from Charley, then convinces Mrs. Gamp to become Truman’s private nurse.