Season 4

Episode 1: Back on Track
Episode 2: The Land of Lost Children
Episode 3: Demons
Episode 4: A Kick in the Caboose
Episode 5: Sleepless in Winnetka
Episode 6: The Good Daughter
Episode 7: Something in Common
Episode 8: A Bolt From the Blue
Episode 9: Best Intentions
Episode 10: The Things We Do for Love
Episode 11: Broken Angel
Episode 12: Second Thoughts
Episode 13: A Path Through the Snow
Episode 14: Chemical Reactions
Episode 15: Poison
Episode 16: Tangled Webs
Episode 17: Up to His Old Tricks
Episode 18: Blood is Thicker Than Water
Episode 19: Lock and Key
Episode 20: Life Upside-Down
Episode 21: Protective Measures
Episode 22: Up in the Air