Season 4, Episode 9 – Best Intentions

Air Date: 20th Nov 1993

Guest Stars: Jana Arnold (Kitty)
Bodhi Elfman (Busboy)
Diane Ladd (Isabelle Ruth Adderlee)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)

On a camping trip with Trevor, Evan and Mitch, John finds Trevor smoking marijuana. When a homeless woman wanders into Frankie’s restaurant, she is astonished to discover that she is Belle Adderly, her father’s mistress for 30 years. Frankie wants to help Belle, but Alex doesn’t think Frankie should help someone who brought their family so much unhappiness. A few days later, Frankie discovers Belle, homeless and sick in a local park. Frankie takes Belle home. Belle wants to apologize to Bea, but Bea is angry and reluctant to talk to Belle. Soon, Bea realizes that she is actually angry at her deceased husband. Teddy receives an order to make five-dozen jackets in one week. Simon, who is temporarily staying with her, assists Teddy by hiring workers. By the end of the week, Teddy alienates all the employees with her strict attitude and long working hours. When all the workers quit before Teddy can meet her deadline, she realizes it’s her fault. Simon encourages Teddy to ask for a time extension, which the buyer quickly grants. Simon helps her relax, and Teddy considers rekindling their romance.