Season 4, Episode 8 – A Bolt From the Blue

Air Date: 13th November 1993

Guest Stars:
Pierre Epstein (Dr. Arnold Reston)
Garnett Smith (Carlos Lubia)
Lomax Study (Mister Jaques)
Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt)

Frankie opens the refurbished Sweet Sixteen Café, and hires rebellious Trevor as cashier. Frankie sees Trevor put money from the register into his pocket and later confronts Trevor, who denies stealing the money. But when Georgie searches his pockets, she finds a bag of marijuana. While helping Truman plan a surprise birthday party for Bea; Alex notices that his behavior is strange. Truman bounces a check and hires the caterers for the wrong day. When Truman becomes disoriented on his way to a bakery, Alex takes Truman to a doctor who explains that Truman has Alzheimer’s. Truman begs Alex not to tell Bea. Presumed dead, Simon confesses that he staged his death to escape the pressures of the business world. He claims he’s on his way to Tahiti, where he intends to live. Teddy lets Simon stay with her for a few days, but it soon becomes apparent he has no intention of leaving. Falconer tells Teddy he doesn’t want to see her until she resolves her relationship with Simon. Teddy claims she no longer loves Simon, but when Simon kisses her, she finds she enjoys it.