Season 4, Episode 7 – Something in Common

Air Date: 6th November 1993

Written By: Kathryn Pratt

Guest Stars:
Portia Dawson (Lucinda)
Howard French (Officer)
Leonard Kelly-Young (AA Group Leader)
Dendrie Taylor (Sandra)

Georgie and John arrive home from a movie to find Trevor, in their bed with a 20-year-old woman, Lucinda. The next day, Georgie asks Lucinda to stay away from Trevor. Lucinda derides Georgie for being ignorant of Trevor’s wild lifestyle. A furious Georgie searches Trevor’s room. She finds forged notes excusing him from classes and, to her horror, numerous empty liquor bottles. Georgie informs Trevor that privileges, such as driving, will be revoked until he cleans up his act. Trevor responds by staying out all night. Meanwhile, Alex learns that Norma is a lesbian. Alex is afraid that the unusually affectionate Norma is interested in her sexually. She finally confesses her fear to Norma, who says that she is merely being friendly and isn’t attracted to Alex. Eager to return to the fashion business, Teddy leases an abandoned bakery. The space needs repairs, but Detective Falconer helps out. Teddy and Falconer have a lot in common, and they begin to date. A few days later, Teddy and Falconer notice a newspaper article saying that Simon Bolt was recently lost at sea in a yachting accident. The news of his death upsets Teddy. She is even more upset when he arrives on her doorstep the next evening, alive!