Season 4, Episode 6 – The Good Daughter

Air Date: 30th October 1993

Guest Stars: Lisa Banes (Barnara Buckley)
Dan Gauthier (Kyle)
Ivan Gueron (Nick Kenderson)
Tiiu Leek (TV Reporter)
CCH Pounder (Nora Neil Marshall)
Giuliana Santini (Mary Todson)
Mort Sertner (Judge)

Kyle Parks is brought to trial. Teddy is afraid that Kyle’s defense attorney, the shrewd Barbara Buckley, will try to convince the jury that Cat enticed Kyle to rape her. As Teddy feared, Buckley barrages Cat with accusatory questions. Cat remains composed at first, but soon reveals her anger. The next day Buckley reveals to the court that Alex once assisted Cat in falsifying her legal age on a job application. Teddy notices a quiet young woman, Mary McConnell, who attends the trial every day. Teddy learns that Mary was also raped by Kyle. Unfortunately, the judge refuses to allow Mary’s testimony during Cat’s trial. The jury finds Kyle to be not guilty. As everyone leaves the courtroom, Mary pulls a gun from her pocket and shoots Kyle, killing him. Mary is arrested for murder and taken to prison. After listening to many days of testimony about rape, Georgie has some disturbing reminiscences. She confesses to her sisters that when she was 18, a young boyfriend raped her. She suppressed the bad memory for all these years.