Season 4, Episode 5 – Sleepless in Winnetka

Air Date: 23rd October 1993

Guest Stars: Robert Cavanah (Sales Clerk)
Yvette Freeman (Nightmare Host #3)
Dan Gauthier (Kyle)
Ron Gilbert (Maitre D’)
Chuck Kovacic (Nightmare Host #1)
Josh Lozoff (Teenage Mitch)
Sara Melson (Melissa)
Lin Shaye (Nightmare Host #2)
Forry Smith (Divorced Dad)

When Kyle Parks is released from prison, Teddy begs Detective Falconer to help them. Alex is very successful with her new TV talk show. Alex lets John make a musical appearance on the show, after which Alex’s producer, Norma, asks John to sing on a regular basis. Frankie enjoys refurbishing her new purchase, the old Sweet Sixteen Cafe. She is also very excited about the new “mystery” man she is corresponding with over her computer. Frankie and her “mystery” computer man meet at a restaurant, and it turns out to be Mitch, who is just as surprised as Frankie. Teddy follows Cat everywhere. Cat demands that Teddy leave her alone, but later Cat is accosted by Kyle. Before Kyle can hurt Cat, Falconer arrives. He arrests Kyle for violating the provisions of the restraining order and assures Cat that Kyle will not be able to get out of prison before the impending court trial. Falconer explains to Teddy that since losing his young son, he is extra-protective of children.