Season 4, Episode 4 – A Kick in the Caboose

Air Date: 16th October 1993

Written By: Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman

Directed By: Steven Robman

Guest Stars: Jack Betts (Harry Busby)
Tom Lahm (Dr. Doug)
Josh Lozoff (Teenage Mitch)
Audrey Meadows (Ada Benbeow)
Jayne Meadows (Ida Benbeow)

Alex, Georgie, Frankie and Teddy meet in their favorite booth at the Sweet Sixteen, a 1950s cafe, to celebrate its thirty-fifth anniversary. The place has special memories for each of them, as they shared many childhood afternoons there after school. The next day at a church seminar, Alex gives an inspirational talk to other cancer survivors like herself. After the program, Norma Lear, producer of Harry Busby’s local TV talk show, asks Alex to appear as a guest on the show. Harry chokes and dies while laughing at one of Alex’s jokes, and Norma talks Alex into replacing Harry. Wanting to be close to Cat while she recovers from her rape, Teddy stays at Mitch’s house. Soon, Mitch and Teddy’s attraction is revived and they make love. Convinced that each of them have very different attitudes about life, Teddy moves out saying that a second try would never work. Georgie is upset when the Sweet Sixteen burns down. Frankie comforts Georgie with news that she bought what’s left of the Sweet Sixteen and wants Georgie to be her business partner.