Season 4, Episode 3 – Demons

Air Date: 9th October 1993

Guest Stars:
Dan Gauthier (Kyle)
CCH Pounder (Zora Marshall)

John, Evan and Trevor have problems living with Thomas. Just when Georgie is convinced that taking temporary custody of Thomas may have been a mistake, she finds John rocking the baby to sleep. John tells Georgie that it’s important for them to take care of Thomas. Detective Falconer takes Cat back to the campus where she was attacked, and Cat is able to remember who raped her. It was Kyle Parks, a classmate she thought was a friend. In a desperate attempt to remove Reed from the religious cult she joined, Alex goes to California. Kirby and Alex kidnap Reed. Alex and Kirby tie Reed to a chair in the hotel room and remind her of her former life. Alex fights them and escapes, but eventually she sees the cult as extremely manipulative and returns to Alex and Kirby.