Season 4, Episode 22 – Up in the Air

Air Date: 21st May 1994

Written By: Lisa Melamed & Ron Cowen

Guest Stars:
Clint Carmichael (Fireman)
J.J. Johnston (No-Dice)
S. Marc Jordan (Rabbi)
Mark Kriski (Weatherman)
Naomi Judd (Herself)

Norma books country singer Naomi Judd as a guest. As a tornado develops, George and John discover Trevor in the house. Before they can question Trevor, they have to take shelter in the cellar. Teddy enthusiastically agrees to elope with Falconer, who has to postpone their wedding in order to transport a criminal to Las Vegas. Once aboard the plane with his prisoner, Falconer is astonished to see Teddy on the same flight. She bought a ticket so they could be married in Las Vegas. On the afternoon of the tornado, Naomi Judd appears on Alex’s TV show. Reed is in the studio watching when she has her first contractions. A former nurse, Naomi helps Reed deliver a healthy baby. After the storm, Georgie, John and Trevor clean up the debris. Instead of going back to the street, Trevor stays with his family. Up in the air the turbulence worsens, and a terrified Teddy asks a Rabbi seated nearby to perform a marriage ceremony and as he pronounces them husband and wife. The flight attendant announces that they have to make an emergency landing.