Season 4, Episode 21 – Protective Measures

Air Date: 14th May 1994

Written By: Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman

Directed By: Steven Robman

Guest Stars:
Jeffrey Combs (Derek)
Bruce Economou (Detective)
Matthew Faison (Dr. Isley)
Isabella Hofmann (Abby Malker)
Kevin McDermott (Fred)
Ray McKinnon (Billy)
Peter Steinfeld (Officer)

When Teddy’s apartment is vandalized, and a threatening note is left behind, the police insist on 24-hour protection for her. The building superintendent’s assistant, Billy, secures all of Teddy’s windows and locks. Alex’s daughter, Reed, arrives in town with her husband, Kirby. Alex learns that Reed is seven months pregnant. Frankie accidentally interrupts Mitch and his new girlfriend, Abby, having sex. Angry that Thomas George calls Abby “Mama,” Frankie refuses to let Mitch take Thomas George with Abby and him on a three-week vacation. Abby apologizes for letting Thomas George call her “Mama,” and Frankie apologizes for her jealous behavior. The policeman assigned to protect Teddy is Falconer. Falconer assures Teddy that he isn’t there for personal reasons, though he and his ex-wife did end their relationship. Later, Falconer is inspecting Teddy’s apartment, when suddenly he is confronted by Billy, carrying a gun. Obsessed with Teddy, Billy informs Falconer that when Teddy returns, Billy will kill him. Teddy calls home, and Falconer secretly warns Teddy, who arrives with the police squad and saves Falconer. That night, Falconer returns to Teddy’s apartment to tell her he loves her. Teddy swears that she loves him too and insists he stay overnight.